Colorado Free Radio Group is the umbrella organization for two radio stations Colorado Free Radio, an independent music station, and Old Time Radio CFR a station featuring the largest Old Time Radio playlist on the web comprised of Comedy, Suspense, Mystery, Super Heroes, Old Time Commercials, News and Historical Events from the era when radio was king. Here you will find the latest news for both our Stations and our Podcasts.

Presently Colorado Free Radio, our music station is off the air due to low listenership. It was with regret that we had to make that choice. Even though the station had the largest playlist of the finest Indie and little known Artists ever heard, we had to make a choice. CFRG is a nonprofit station group, so due to financing we made the choice to keep our OTR station going. The decision was made around which station was the more popular, although this was the case we intend in the future to bring back Colorado Free Radio, we will bring the station back on the air greater and with more listener power than before due to our new server. We’ll keep people posted on when that will occur.

Station Manager
Johnny G Note