About Colorado Free Radio Group!

What is Colorado Free Radio Group? In 2005  John Garza a musician of 45 years was inspired by an online radio station Whole Wheat Radio.    After a year of listening to WWR he decided to create his own online radio station and contacted the creater of WWR Jim (JImBob) Kloss with some questions about running an internet station. Much to John’s surprise JimBob responded and was very forthcoming with information as well as warnings about all the work that running an internet radio entailed.

Thus was the beginning of Colorado Free Radio Durango a not for profit radio station featuring Independent Music form all over the world. The one thing that CFRD focused on was Musicians who were not signed with major record industry in order to avoid any RIAA entanglements.  CFRD was broadcasted from a home server using the latest broadcast software from a small outbuilding in LA Plata County,  Durango CO.  After a year or so of successful broadcasting John decided to take his next love of radio, Old Time Radio Shows and scoured the internet for audio files of any and all OTR he could fine in order to take the next step he decided on, which was to create Old Time Radio CFR.

That next year in 2006 OTRCFR became a reality, on a second server that shared the studio outbuilding. After a time the OTR broadcast became a hit! After that the podcasts followed and the idea that because the web prescence was growing it was time to bring all the projects under one name so was the creation of Colorado Free Radio Group.

It is the intention of the founder to bring the best in music, radio, talk radio, video and podcasts to people who enjoy it and all of this with no intention of ever charging a penny for the entertainment. Hence the name Colorado FREE Radio Group.