Colorado Free Radio



Colorado Free Radio was the first station created by Colorado Free Radio Group.  The inspiration for CFR was the now defunct Whole Wheat Radio a station that broadcasted (2002-2010) from Talkeetna Alaska.  After listening to the station for a few years CFRG founder John G contacted the owner/manager of WWR Radio, Jim (Jimbob) Kloss to ask him what it took to run an online station, Jim returned John’s inquiry with a load of advice, information and a huge warning about the time and effort it took to run an online station single handedly. After his conversation with Jimbob,  John sought out to create his own server and with the use of Shoutcast and Sam BC broadcasting software created Colorado Free Radio an independent music station featuring music of many geners and styles from all over the world. CFR broadcasted from Durango CO on a private server starting in 2005 until 2013, and after many years of shutdowns due to lightning storms and power outages and unforeseen problems the server was finally moved to an online Shoutcast host.

Recently CFR has been taken off the air due to low  listener numbers. We plan on bringing CFR back online in the future. In the mean time CFRG will continue to produse CFR Podcast using our vast playlist of independent artists.


Listen to CFR Podcast



  1. CFR Durango Spring – June 1, 2008 Johnny G Note DJ - CFRG Productions 01:03:40
  2. CFR Durango Music Show 1 Johnny G Note DJ - CFRG Productions 01:01:52
  3. CFR Durango Music 2 Johnny G Note DJ - CFRG Productions 01:11:09