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Old Time Radio CFR is the second station founded by Colorado Free Radio Group. The love for OTR (Old Time Radio) has always been strong in John’s heart. Memories of taking long road trips and late at night picking up transmissions of OTR shows from distant stations on the west coast, Arizona, Texas and New Mexico added to the mystique of road trips. So after CFR was established John started to create Old Time Radio CFR, taking a second computer and creating the server was the easy part. The hard part was spending at least two years compiling OTRCFR’s playlist and the effort continues. To this day OTRCFR can boast the largest OTR playlist on the internet airwaves. Comprising shows from many genres such as Suspense, SciFi, Adventure, Comedy, Horror, Super Heroes, Drama and much more. You can find all the favorites and some very obscure shows most in their complete episodic form.  OTR CFR also presents music and news casts from the era of radio as well as historical events recorded in the annals of history from the age when radio was king.


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